Saturday, January 21, 2012

Addicted to "the Color Room"

I've been playing at the Color Room ( Since September 2011 and have 50 layouts posted there. The way the fantastic ladies over there have the challenges set up is simple and clear. Something my non-techie brain understands. I love the idea of having a concise color palette. Today I've decided to post some of my personal favorites from the color room. Here they are:

Color Room Palette #76:

The Artist
Now, looking at the above color palette, you'd never guess that the colors in the below layout were actually pulled from it. Well, it was only my second week at this game, and I really didn't quite understand how to get all of the colors in there. But still, I love this scene I was able to create using primarily one Lorie Davison (excuse me, fabulous Lorie Davison) kit. Here's my budding little artist at just 11 months old:

All digital elements, including:
"Vintage Baby" - Kit By Manuela, baby shoes
"Precious" - Kit by Natali Design, bear
"Secret Garden" - Kit by sussieM Designs, two butterflies
Everything else except the dog is from: "the Artists' faeries studio" kit, Lorie Davison

Here is the original photo:


Here's another one of my favs…
Color Room Palette #77:

Flying Lessons
I've was in the mood for Fall, this palette came just in time. Here's my daughter having a flying lesson with Mother Goose at almost four years old:

As you can see, I started to get better with the colors. But in reality, there is a lot of green in this scene. I guess I really didn't consider that an additional color, but it is!

Lots of fussy bits in this project, including:
Christina Renee Designs: Locket
Ztampf accents: "big wide bows" sheer bow
Ztampf accents: "satin swirls" ribbon
Maya of "frank and alice" letters
Lorie Davison: "feathers and mittens" two robins
Em-ka Designs: "meadow elements" poppies, "Mother Goose" goose, fence, greenery, flowers
Natali Design: "paint the autumn" leaves, dried flowers
Lorie Davison: "Falling Leaves Autumn Tea" peaches, papers, tea bag, scrapbook, and "the artists' faeries" paper
sussieM: "sweet apple" basket of apples
Manuela Zimmermann: "vintage farm" bird
The background/scenery is a composite of several of the above "papers" plus a little Photoshop magic.

The photo for this was actually taken in my ugly driveway:


And for this palette, there are two layouts… 
Color Room Palette #78:

La petite ballerine:
This one was really fun. The only trouble I had was that I needed to create a ballerina skirt where there was none. So everything from her waist down is fake, and never was in the photo. Tricky business, but patched together three different pettiskirts and faked it.

Items from digital kits as follows:
Pink Lotty Designs: "Marie Antoinette" background papers (2), dress form, chair, curtain, hair feathers, moulding above curtain, two perfume bottles, purse, flowers
Lorie Davison: "greymouse manor winter ball" lanterns, stool

Here's the original photo for comparison (you can see why the skirt had to be changed completely):

And lastly, another layout for this same palette…

Time Flies
Here's baby Charlotte lookin' sweet for color palette #78. My daughter (now eight) and I have been having so much fun with these pages. She loves to help make up a story about what's going on in the layout. I tried to stick really close to the color palette, it's a beauty!

Here's the rundown:
Lorie Davison: "falling leaves autumn tea" cabinet, background (top part)
Lorie Davison: "greymouse manor winter ball" mouse, bubbles, spool of thread, bauble
Lorie Davison: "window to my heart" bottles, keys, roses (2), scissors, birds, shelf/background (bottom part)
Studio Emka: "feelings" roses (2)
Splendid Fiins: bakers twine
Boutique Cute Doll: "fearless" resin bird
Christina Renee: "Collectors Plethora" pocket watch
Websters Pages: "postcard collection" card
...and a few small things made by me :-)

I guess you can tell I'm a fan of Lorie Davison! You can find her amazing kits for sale at (no, I am not associated with them in any way).

Thanks for looking!

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