Friday, February 17, 2012

Let's Jump!

Well, here's little miss taking "jumping lesson's" from Mr. Bunny for CSI #7.

CSI #7

Let's Jump!

Journaling says:
Mr. Bunny’s jumping lesson
One day Charlotte decided that she was determined to learn how to jump. Well how much would it cost to take jumping lessons from Mr. Bunny? Looks like it’s ten cents. Here she is at almost two years old following Mr. Bunny’s instruction. Try as she might, she never
left the floor; she still looks cute as a bunny trying.
1. Let's Jump! Put both feet firmly on the floor.
2. Bend your knees and push up off the floor.
3. Your feet will leave the floor; if not, repeat steps #1 and #2.

Testimony: Grocery list (steps #1-3), The roots
Evidence: stripes, metals (springs), wood/woodgrain, cluster similar things, distressing.

Several CU items and some handmade by me, plus:
Emeto: "Independent spirit" kit (cones, lolly, two flowers)
Echo Park: "happy days" (paper)
Studio Baers Garten: "a little bunny told me"
Holiewood "Queen Bee" two butterflies

Thanks for looking!

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  1. This is completely adorable, Michele! Love the whimsy of your design, elements, and journaling, and the pictures are enchanting!