Monday, February 20, 2012

My dress-up dolly

Here's a fun layout for
The Color Room Palette #98

This layout is about my daughter who is the best dress up doll ever.
My Dress-Up Dolly

Journaling says:

My Dress-up Dolly
Most little girls would delight in having a doll they could dress up in fancy clothes. Well how lucky I am to have a real live dolly girl of my own. She has a perfect little figure and abundant, bouncy hair… what a cutie! I told Charlotte she is my dress up doll, and she seemed to like that idea. At six years old she would say, “Here’s your dolly!” when she needed help with her clothes. My Mom and I both love to shop for fancy dresses and sweet girl things for her to wear.

I suppose my fascination with this has nurtured the little fashionista in her. She has always had a preference for dresses and skirts. And as she gets older, she expresses opinions on how she wants to look. When she was six years old, she would say, “Mommy, I don’t want to look cute, I want to look stylish!” At seven years old she would play school with her invisible friends. She told me there is a rule that you can only wear dresses and skirts at her pretend school, or you have to go home. Now at eight years old she says it’s okay to be both “cute” and “stylish,” and she has really developed an eye for fashion when we go shopping.

Kitchy digitals "Grandma's sewing basket"
Pretty little studio "Polly paper doll" (one dress and one flash card)
Marta Van Eck "Le Kitchen" (paper)
Tumble Fish Studio "Girl Whimsy" kit
Holliewood "Toy Box"
some CU items as well

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  1. Hi there, I just saw this at TCR, so gorgeous and sweet, little darling Dolly, love it, your digi pages are so special and creative, love them all :)