Friday, February 24, 2012

Squeaky Clean!

Here's little miss making a mess for CSI #8. I had so much fun with this case file!

Here's the case file:

Here's my layout; Squeaky Clean

Evidence: transparent elements, something that sparkles, embellishment slice (bubbles on the edge of the bath in two places)
Testimony: Inspiration words as a starting point: effervescent and indulge; I started with a paragraph that uses these two words and then twisted the story into the opposite direction. I think it worked out great!

Journaling says:
Indulge yourself in an effervescently induced tub of water from the Swiss Alps. Relax in peaceful bliss as your cares melt away…

No! That’s not the way to enjoy a bath! Jump in; splash all around… make a big mess! Slurp up some of the water in your mouth and then spit it out through your teeth with as much force as you can… make sure to get a bunch on the floor. Dump a load of toys and stuff from the kitchen into the bath water and get them all soap scummy. Then giggle and laugh at Mommy when she tells you not to drink that bath water. Funny lady, doesn’t she know this is a great two-in-one way to get your teeth clean?

Several handmade items, some CU stuff, plus Miss Mint bubble bath kit from, everything recolored, skewed, flipped, twisted and warped into submission for this case file.

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow your digi pages are always awesome, love the journalling so fab :)