Friday, March 9, 2012


Here's CSI case file #10, I had lots of fun with this page!

Her's my layout:
M-F, a Mother’s morning ritual

Journaling is scattered throughout the page, here it is:
Kid gets up before me, I hear munching, I hear video gaming, I hear a loud kid! Let’s go! Out goes Max, throw some waffles in the toaster, throw some waffles at the kid, come get your hair brushed, go brush your teeth and wash your face, what are you going to wear today? Get your shoes on! Did your feet grow again? Do you have socks on? Stop playing that video game! Do you have your homework? Here’s your lunch money; grab a snack, put that video game down honey, where’s your coat? Get your backpack! Get out the door, get in the car, do it fast! We are off to school (I hear non-stop chatter from the kid) I get into the drop-off lane, have a great day kiddo! I love you Mama, I love you too bay-ba! Wash, rinse, repeat

Evidence: Fabric, metal, glass, create light and shadow, use contrasting textures

Testimony: Document a story about motherhood.

Several CU items, some stuff made by me.
Holliewood studios, Wish Upon A Star
Cosmo Cricket, honey pie
Pattie Knox, Acrylic clockworks
Tumble Fish Studios, Happy Place
Sherriejd, kitschy kitchen

Thanks for looking!


  1. Michelle wow... love the little word phrases, great page :)

  2. Great job Michele! Love that you repeated the "stop the video game". Makes it real.

    Great job!