Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magical dreams

Here's a steampunk-inspired girl layout using cues from CSI's case file #9.

Here's my layout; Magical dreams of adventure and flight

Evidence: Text pattern, stripes, bird accent, hot-air balloon, something translucent

Testimony: Write a six-word memoir (title, "Magical dreams of adventure and flight." And, four lines from the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" Plus, I tucked the word "Roam" into the graphics.

Magical dreams of adventure and flight
In Charlie’s world, reality, fantasy and dreams live in the same place. With a rich imagination, this makes for a fantastical life. It’s a glorious existence. She is always acting as if she is in some sort of storybook. She’s a cowgirl, or a bus driver, or a dancer, or whatever else strikes her fancy. Dressing up is almost always part of her adventure. She loves animals of all kinds, so they roam freely in her world. She has a special affinity for flight. Wings, airplanes, balloons, all are superb in Charlie’s eyes. I hope she can hold on to this charming place she’s created forever. We are trying not to muck it up for her… it’s a wonderful place to be!

Select lyrics are:
I could fly higher than an eagle
so high I almost touch the sky
You're everything I wish I could be
you are the wind beneath my wings

Detail of cute kid:

• Maya steampunk kit
• Finecrafted Designs "Wild rides"
• Holliewood Studios "Wish Upon A Star"
• Tumble Fish Studio "Winged Splendor" kit
• Lorie Davison "A Pioneer Story" kit (modified background paper
• D Rigdon "I dream of shabby" patio garden (flowers on balloon)
Everything recolored, warped, grunged up, and twisted into submission for this case file.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. wow your layout is so gorgeous, love that face expression too :)