Friday, February 15, 2013

Fresh Sketch Friday!

Hi Everyone, here's a fresh sketch, enjoy!

Michele ;-)


  1. Beautiful sketch! I have to try this one!

  2. Hi Michelle - I was one of the 10 winners of your chipboard prize for the CSI birthday....I haven't heard from you & aren't sure what to do????? I hope all's well in your World...just used some of your CSI co-ordinates & it reminded me about the chippy! My email addy comes up on my comments - so let me know if you need my address...I can't remember whether I left it on another comment or not!!!!! Sorry if you've already sent this......just following up while I remember:):)

    1. Hi Lizzy, It did take me awhile to get everything packaged up, but I got your address from CSI and your prize is on the way. Thanks for the follow up. I do need to track down some missing winners, but yours has been sent.

  3. Wow, this sketch is calling out to me...I think I'll have to scrap it. Thank you Michele.

  4. Beautiful sketch, Michele! I made a page with it. Thank you for your generous inspiration!