Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be bold, scrap your inner oddball…

…that's what I tell myself when I launch into something like this:

She was curious.

This layout was done for CSI:

CSI #5

I wanted to do something different for this palette. I call this type of layout a flatty; a collage/layout that isn't 3D. This one has an ATC vibe to it. I have been making a lot of scrapbook pages for my daughter which are more of a story book. She loves how I put her in new scenes and likes to speculate as to what's going on in the scene. So this is just a fun page with some interesting "eye candy."

Journaling says:
Charlotte was shocked and surprised at the scene before her.
Her mind filled with questions.
She searched for clues.
She made assumptions; she came to conclusions.
She marveled at everything.
In the end, she decided just to enjoy the view.

Testimony: Journal around the perimeter, slice of life, bits and pieces.
Evidence: frames, leaves, create a border out of small objects.

Stuff: Digital items include:
C Renee "windows to our life" big house.
Tangie "she found her bliss" lots of items from this kit. free scrabble tiles
Google: one vintage cereal box
sherrieJD: Viva Frida
Tangie Baxter: Artist sheets, words around the page
Lorie Davison: airplane, Sofa and two teenie tiny curtains
Clementine Designs: "Mama's little babies" girl and dog, plus some toys
Everything recolored, warped, skewed and twisted into submission for this color palette.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff!
Thanks for looking!

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