Saturday, February 11, 2012

She was Smart, Strong, and Brave

Here's a page for CSI challenge #6  ( When I first saw the colors, I really had no ideas. But when I started to work with them, they really came to life. So thank you Debbi for another fantastic palette that caught me by surprise!

CSI #6

Evidence: Transparent accents, wood, metals
Testimony: Tell three things, Transparent container to hold journaling, Illuminate your subject.

Smart, Strong, and Brave

Merging two photos:

My daughter had a sour look on her face in one photo (she was tired of picture taking as she hates the flash). But in the photo where she has a sweet face, you couldn't see her feet, which I wanted to show. So I merged the two photos.

Journaling says:
She was Smart, Strong, and Brave
Princess Radha was sent on a mission for the King. He enlisted her to find his magical lost treasure. Preparing for her quest; she practiced her fencing, read her books, and did thirty jumping jacks. In the morning she would set off on her journey, accompanied by her woodland creature friends. They would certainly show her the way deep into the forest. Many obstacles were in her future, but she knew she could do it. After all; she did have six-pack abs and buns of steel.

My daughter helped to write this little snippet of a story.

Digital items include:
Items from Lorie Davison kits: "Greymouse manor winter ball," "Before The First Snow," "falling leaves autumn tea." "feathers and mittens," "the artists' faeries"
Studio Ztampf: "nocturnal delights"
PinkLotty Designs: "Romeo and Juliet"
Holiewood Studios: "Knock on wood" and "Queen Bee"
Finecrafted Designs: "Medieval Paper Dolls"

Thanks for looking!


  1. Just beautiful details on your page, love the story too :)

  2. Thank you Adriana, you're such a sweetheart and so supportive.