Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Here's another layout for the glorious Color Room! To me, the colors this week were screaming for a baby page. But I didn't want to do one with cute baby things. So I chose the "pretty" route instead.

TCR palette #96

Here's the layout:

Journaling is fairly boring, but here it is in case you need a nap:
She Blooms (definition of "bloom")
Child development experts say that your baby’s personality will “bloom” at ten months old. Charlotte’s personality is really emerging now. Usually she so busy with what she is doing to notice people much, but does grant her share of smiles. Sometimes she is coy with the young men who are baggers at the grocery store. She can be quite a flirt! Her bossy and opinionated nature are in full swing at this age. She likes things how she likes them, and there’s no way she’s going to let anyone push her around.

Charlotte is in-between “baby” and “toddler,” not quite walking yet, but certainly done with crawling. In any case, she is a baby on the move; ready to experience all that life has to offer. She has growing curiosity and will taste, touch, see, stand and sit on everything.

Charlie the chatterbox: Charlotte is talking up a storm as well. Of course she’s been rambling since the day she was born, but now her ramblings are non-stop. She repeats the same word over and over and over again. She just loves repetition… I can’t say that I feel the same. She will make long rambling speeches, as if we can all understand what she is saying. And what she is saying is terribly important! She really commands an audience. She is at a magical age, and it’s fine entertainment to watch her explore her world and do so many funny things with such determination.

Stuff: Most items are from Lorie Davison, Under Dappled Shadows kit, plus: M zimm, one flower. One flower from SussieM "little piece of love." One studio-rosey-posey fragments piece. There are also a few CU items. Everything recolored for this palette. Definition of "bloom" courtesy Google!

Thanks for looking!

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