Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love is in the air!

Here's another challenge entry for the color room! Looking at this palette, there are so many possibilities. Obviously it's begging for Valentine's day, but you could also do Christmas, or just a garden scene in general. I chose the love route, here it is!

The Color Room Palette #95 

I will love you…
I fussed around with this one until I couldn't see straight anymore. This photo is a portrait taken in a studio of my daughter at seven months old. I had a photo of her taken every month for her first year. It wasn't always easy, because she had other ideas. In any case, the photos always captured a bit of her little personality. In this one she has a little smirk on her face! That was as close as we got to a real smile that day. The journaling is a mushy love letter from me to her.

Lots of stuff from: Lorie Davison, Rhonna Farrer, and studio rosey posey. I made the swags of fabric using a file I had of a curtain. All of the elements needed recoloring for this palette. I used overlays to accomplish some of this. I also did some hand painting, filters and the usual photoshop magic to get everything looking as it does. Lots of work, but a true labor of love.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Love all the scrappy goodness tucked under the green frame!