Saturday, April 14, 2012


Here's case file number 14 for Color… Stories… Inspiration… (CSI)

Here's my layout:  99%

I drew some animals and applied a paper texture to each section to give them a cut paper look. I was pretty impressed with myself since illustration is not my usual job. In the end, this layout took me completely by surprise. Ever start with one direction, and end up somewhere totally different? Bet that happens a lot! It makes for a nice surprise.

Testimony: I focused on the inspiration word “innocence”

Evidence: ruffles, animal accent, something sand-like

Journaling says:
99% innocent as a lamb
Owl: “Whoo is that little kid? She looks innocent, but I bet she’s a trouble maker.”
Bird: “I heard she can be mischievous, but she’s actually really tweet.”
Deer: “That’s Charlotte, she’s a dear.”
Lamb: “She’s like me!”

Stuff is made by me, some CU items, plus some items from the “re-creations” kit by Createwings Designs

Thanks for looking!


  1. such a gorgeous page, so adorable as usual, stunning :)

  2. This is so darn cute! You are so creative! Love the little animals talking to Charlotte!