Sunday, April 1, 2012

Backyard Explorer

Here's another fantastic case file from CSI!

Well I just love the colors for this case file. I'm always happy when I can make a blue sky and there's a green to use for grass or leaves!

Here's my layout:
Backyard Explorer

Evidence: make a pinwheel, string, map print, jewels, tuck a little surprise

Testimony: I decided to go with one central idea "Backyard Explorer" and make four tabs with the supporting details. The details are:
1. finding bugs, collecting rocks
2. climbing, jumping
3. hugging trees, enjoying nature
4. in her element.

I like this journaling concept, it's very simple and hits all the details in a concise way.

Holliewood "Whos my gnome"
Kitschy digitals paper flowers
and some creative use stuff

Thanks for looking!

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